About us

Roloplast company was founded in 1973, starting as a small family business. Today, after 5 decades of successful business, it has developed into a large productive company engaged in the production of PVC profiles, with headquarters in Kovačica and representative offices throughout Serbia.

Company history

From a small family workshop with one employee, in 50 years, Roloplast became the leader on the Serbian market in the production of PVC profiles for windows & doors, with a quality brand and affordable


Company Roloplast was founded in 1973, as small family business for windows, doors and roller shutters, with headquarter in Kovačica. During first ten years of its existence, company was only installing roller shutters, vertical blinds, and folding doors, while the parts for making these products were purchased from other suppliers.


Roloplast began the production of their own roller shutters - pulleys and shutters shaft.


Company Roloplast bought the first line for the extrusion of PVC profiles and then started the production of PVC slats for roller shutters, PVC guide rails for roller shutters and profiles to produce folding doors and shower cabins. At the same time, it also starts injection molding of small PVC parts for roller shutters, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, and folding doors. With this production it closed the entire production cycle of making its own PVC roller shutters, shower cabins, folding doors, venetian and vertical blinds.


Company purchase the first line for profiling aluminum slats for roller shutters and becomes the first and only company in the former Yugoslavia that deals with this type of production.


With the purchase of the first machines in 2002, Roloplast began manufacturing and installing aluminum roller shutters and PVC doors and windows. PVC profiles for production of doors and windows were imported from Germany from company Gealan.


Roloplast has started developing its own system of multi-chamber profiles to produce PVC windows and doors under the brand name ROLOPLAST FENSTER SYSTEM, and therefore the import of PVC profiles from Germany was stopped.


The automatization of production facility was carried out and the capacity of production was significantly increased. Therefore, next to making products for own needs, the company Roloplast began to manufacture and sell their goods to companies who deal exclusively with assembly (montage) of PVC windows and doors. During this period, the company Roloplast is divided to three sister companies. With production of venetian blinds, mosquito nets, vertical blinds, decorative panels, and the assembly (montage) of finished products (doors and windows), now deals the company EKV doo.

The assembly of finished products of roller shutters and the manufacture of garage roller doors, the plasticizing of metal and profiling of steel reinforcements is now job for company Rolo-tim.


The production of finished windows and doors was sold to the company EKV doo, considering that they also deal with the assembly of the same. By relieving and dividing production segments, each of these three sister companies can now emphasize greater control and better product quality, increase production, and hire new workers, which was, from the start, the vision of the Roloplast company.

Roloplast now offers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 chamber profiles for PVC windows and doors, which includes all additional parts for the production of PVC windows and doors. To make accessibility easier for customers, there are sales facilities in several locations within the Roloplast company.