PVC windows


PVC windows profile consists of material that is obtained from natural raw salt and oil.
PVC is easily adaptable material technology of which is successfully made ​​profiles for doors and windows.

 Characteristics of PVC:
  • long life,
  • low maintenance,
  • economical investment and
  • eco-friendliness.



Roloplast d.o.o offers in addition to the classic transparent (Float) glass
a variety of ornament, semi reflective, reflective and insulating glass.

Ornament glass

Ornament glass is a decorative glass that are obtained by the
over production of clear float glass pattern imprinted
on one or both sides. There are many types of glass ornament,
mainly in the thickness of 4mm. Providence glass depends on the density
and structure of the ornament.

Patterned glass is mostly used in places where it is
desirable to opaque glass that still allow enough light.
They are mostly used for glazing door,
partition interior doors, workshop, garage, bathroom window etc...

We offer the following glass ornament:

  • delta
  • cathedral
  • drits
  • flutes mat
  • sandblasted glass

We offer the ClimaGuard® Solar glass:

  • optimal solar protection
  • excellent thermal insulation
  • ideal temperature throughout the year
  • neutral appearance

Semi reflective glass

Semi reflective glass have metal oxide which actually
combines heat protection and reflection. This glasses
are tinted and bounce the suns rays, but significantly
lower than a reflex glass, and absorbs some of the light
and energy.

We offer the following semi reflective glass:

  • par sol green
  • par sol blue


Reflective glass

Reflective glass have a special protective coating
that reduces the penetration of sunlight and improves
the thermal insulation of the room.
This coating also produces mirror effect when viewing glass
from side where is more light.Typically the external light is
greater than inner light, so the mirror effect is when viewing
the glass from outside. However, in night time, you can got
mirror effect viewing from inside.

We offer the following reflex glass:

  • stopsol bronze
  • stopsol blue



ClimaGuard® Solar main feature is amazing thermal insulation.
In comparison of this glass with traditional insulating glass,
this glass save heating costs during the cold days.


Insulating glass is made as a package with PVC profiles has the following thermal characteristics:

PVC 6 chamber - 15 fleet 4mm 4mm low emission k = 1.4 W/m2K
PVC 6 chamber - fleets 4mm 4mm low-E argon 15 k = 1.1 W/m2K
PVC 6 chamber - stopsol 15 4mm 4mm low emission k = 1.4 W/m2K
PVC 6 chamber - stopsol 4mm 4mm low-E argon 15 k = 1.1 W/m2K
PVC 8 chamber - low emission low emission fleets k = 0.9 W/m2K